5 Compelling Reasons for Businesses to Use MERN Stack Technology

5 Compelling Reasons for Businesses to Use MERN Stack Technology

Developing unique and creative web applications is driving the tech industry to a frenzied pace today. It provides users with an inevitable experience. It is because they are all built using robust and scalable technology stacks that are dominating the software development industry.

The underlying technology is rapidly evolving as the demand for apps and web development increases. Hence companies today need to incorporate such advancements to stay in the competition.

There have been many changes in web and mobile applications over the past several years, resulting in innovative technologies and tools. Sometimes, developers become quite confused when it comes to choosing the right set of technology stacks.

However, the MERN technology is one of the best stacks available in the market. The technology enables the creation of flexible, scalable, reliable, and secure web and mobile applications. That is why most companies hire MERN stack developers for robust development. There are many compelling reasons for businesses to use MERN stack technology. But before diving into that let us understand what exactly the technology is all about.

What is MERN Stack?

The MERN Stack integrates four technologies: MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and Node.js.

A detailed understanding of each one is as follows:

  • MongoDB : This document-oriented DBMS allows you to store data in a JSON-like format.
  • ExpressJS : It is a minimal & flexible node.js web application framework with middleware functionality for web & mobile applications.
  • ReactJS : It is a JavaScript library built by Facebook to create UIs. In particular, it makes it easier to develop large applications with changing data. You might have already used ReactJS without realizing it – Facebook App is built largely with it.
  • Node.js : This JavaScript runtime environment allows network applications to be created quickly. For hosting web applications, Node uses a built-in HTTP server framework and non-blocking I/O to minimize overhead.

5 Compelling Reasons for Businesses to Use MERN Stack Technology

1. Benefit from Open-Source Technology

MERN stack components are all open source, so you can use them to build robust web applications. Startups hire MERN stack developers because they can easily work on this open-source code that’s constantly being improved upon by tech experts from around the world.

Open-source frontend frameworks like AngularJS, for instance, were created to address issues inherent in HTML and JavaScript in their earlier versions. With frameworks such as these, MERN stack developers can code more efficiently and develop more advanced applications.

There is no vendor lock-in with open-source technology, so if you decide to change something later on, you won’t have to go through any additional hoops.

2. Exceptional community

A great community has grown up around MERN and JavaScript is the reason for its great community success. You can always find tons of resources related to MERN or its components even as a startup owner. All components are well-documented and provide scalable solutions.

3. Provides a fast way to build applications

The MERN stacks rely on open-source technologies so that MERN Stack Developers can use them freely. As a result, everything does not have to be built from scratch. For instance, if you want a blogging platform then the chances are someone has already developed a popular framework to use.

The only thing you need to do is pay close attention to the setup instructions and customize as needed. This type of plug-and-play approach gives you an edge over more prominent companies that may not understand (or care about) such emerging platforms. The larger they are, the more likely they are to stick with proven solutions.

As a result, rapid project development leads to huge savings, especially when companies hire MERN Stack developers on an hourly basis.

4. A complete budget-friendly solution

There is only one language used by MERN Stack Technology, and that is JavaScript. Businesses will benefit greatly from investing in experts with MERN experience. In addition to saving money and time, it will also be a cost-effective solution. Working with developers experienced in MERN Stack Technology can also result in positive outcomes for businesses.

5. Ensures ease of use

Due to their ease of use and understanding, technologies within the stack are relatively easy to deploy. Beginners in the area of web development will also find it to be a great option, as they will easily be able to deploy and learn its features.

You will encounter numerous tools in this modern world that can assist you in learning. Having knowledge about tools makes it much easier to access them. You should start your journey with the MERN Stack App if you are a beginner.

Closing Words

MERN Stack Technology is extremely popular, and many well-known companies use it for professional development. As a result, you can use it either as a combination or as an individual component. MERN makes it easy and effective for businesses to develop scalable, flexible, and top-notch mobile and web applications.