Companies Need Their Employees To Do Work Or They Will Go Out Of Business. It’s Impossible For A Company To Offer Their Employees A Never Ending Amount Of Vacation Days And Still Stay In Business. So, While The Company Policy May Have No Official Limit, At Some Point Your Request For Vacation Will Be Denied…Because The Company Needs You To Actually Do Work. Who Will Deny Your Request? Generally That Will Be Your Manager.

Ok, So Now When You See Companies Claiming “Unlimited Vacation”, You Can Understand That To Mean That “You Get No Guaranteed Amount, Or Official Limit, Of Vacation Time, But You Have To Get Time Off Approved By Your Manager And Generally Have To Make Sure Things Go Smoothly In Your Absence.”

Hmmm, That Doesn’t Sound As Good As It Did A Minute Ago.

Unlimited Vacation Or No Vacation Policy?

Many Companies With So Called “Unlimited” Plans, Actually Have No Vacation Policy. “No Vacation Policy” Doesn’t Sound As Good In Job Postings And Doesn’t Get You Press Coverage, So They Call It “Unlimited Vacation”.

To Their Credit, Netflix, Considered A Pioneer Of Unlimited Vacation, Called It What It Was:

Clear, Flexible And Generous

Our New Vacation Policy Gives Employees All The Benefits Of An Unlimited Plan, Without Any Of The Downsides. Expectations Are Clear And We’ve Put Our Values In Writing.

The New Vacation Plan Goes Into Effect In 2020 And We’re Very Excited About It.

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