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Life As A Contractor

This Article Was Inspired By A Request From Robert Sweeney, CEO At Monkhire, To Describe What Life As A Contractor Is Like For Me. Who Should Read This? Full-Time Developers Who Are Currently Employees, Yet Are Curious About What Contracting Would Be Like. What Has The Transition From Employee To Contractor Been Like? Looking Back, I Guess I’ve Always Been A Contractor In One Form Or Another. A Friend And I Started Software And Website Contracts In High School1 In 1993 And Continued That Throughout University.

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Why We Ditched Our Unlimited Vacation Policy

Companies Exist To Make Money. Companies Need Employees To Do Work So That They Can Make Money. In A Recent LinkedIn Post I Called “Unlimited Vacation” A Scam. My Post Seemed To Resonate With A Lot Of People…And Also Upset A Few People. Let’s Break It Down To See If We Can Find Some Common Ground. Scam: A Dishonest Scheme; A Fraud Companies That Offer “Unlimited Vacation” Are Not Being Honest With Their Employees

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